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Seamlessly Integrated IoT technology

Abstract Engineering is dedicated to developing solutions that minimize energy and water waste, reduce costs, and identify real-time maintenance issues across entire building portfolios. With a combination hardware-software technology that discreetly integrates with any fixture, Abstract Engineering can help improve operations without user behavior changes — a common barrier to adoption. Our technology is designed to automate conservation, while building occupants go about their day-to-day lives.

Revealing big data insights

Discover Shower Stream

Our patented IoT technology automates conservation with connected devices, featuring radar technology developed at NASA and AI algorithms validated by the National Science Foundation (NSF) to ensure 99% accuracy of measurements. Low-power and reliable, it continuously delivers accurate, data-driven insights to commercial property owners—even in hot and humid bathroom environments.

Shower Stream is our first application of this technology and is already helping large property owners in the hospitality industry save over 20 million dollars annually in utility bills from behavioral water and energy waste. Our sleek and universally compatible device is versatile enough for any shower head, with simple installation and off-the-shelf components to deploy economically at scale.

Endless growth and market potentials

Abstract Engineering is bringing forth the next wave of intelligent design innovation by eliminating IoT technology’s steep learning curve. Commercial building management is ripe for IoT innovation and our accessible approach is turning everyday fixtures into smart devices with seamless integration. With virtually unlimited use cases, Abstract Engineering has the opportunity to expand to other industries and devices.

Touchless Technology:

Commercial properties are focused on providing their customers with the smoothest, safest experience possible in restrooms and other amenities they use every day. Technology innovations are needed to improve the accuracy and resilience of products in this category, enabling their operation in harsh environments and ultimately creating a more seamless human-machine interaction.

Sustainability Efforts:

Businesses across the country are working harder than ever to reduce costs and conserve resources amid the climate crisis. The growth in IoT innovation in the industrial sector has illuminated the potential of common building fixtures to be smart and deliver data-driven insights that improve operational efficiency without disrupting the user’s experience.

Healthy Living:

Continuous health monitoring is the future of healthcare. IoT technology has the potential to advance building operations and the lives of its inhabitants by allowing doctors to track key patient vitals and provide a complete picture of patient health.

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Experts in utility management, energy services and software engineering.

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Greg Floyd

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Priya Thomas

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Abstract Engineering works alongside key industry experts that support the expansion of our IoT tech applications.

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